Malnutrition is
Africa's greatest challenge today

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JAM feeds 1 million+ beneficiaries a day

JAM has provided
over 2500 wells to date

37% of people in Africa
don't have access to clean water

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Africa's best answer to poverty:


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Feeding a child works miracles

JAM celebrates 30 years

JAM celebrates 30 years

In this powerful video, JAM Co-founders Peter and Ann Pretorius share the JAM's journey of Helping Africa Help Itself for 30 years. From humble beginnings in Mozambique to feeding over 1 million beneficiaries daily in 5 African nations.
Matthew's Story

Matthew's Story

This is the story of Matthew, a young boy from Angola dying as a result of malnutrition. Malnutrition during early childhood has major consequences for children’s long-term development ...
30 years of helping the poor in Africa

30 years of helping the poor in Africa

This is a time for the global JAM family to remember those who have given so much through JAM and to the people of Africa. It is also an opportunity to reminisce and remind ourselves why we remain dedicated to serving our fellow Africans.

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